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Welcome 2021!

I'm sure that the people of Earth are breathing a collective sigh. I know tough times are still ahead, but there is reason to hope that we can return to some normalcy in 2021. To be sure it has been a different year and holiday season. All social gatherings outside of our routine "bubble" took place outdoors with masks and were kept short. The upside? The season has been more peaceful. Here's my idea of a cozy New Year's Eve.

If you missed the fantastic fireworks and drone show in London, please watch the BBC fireworks video. This is not your typical show. I was mesmerized by the blue bird (around minute 2:48) and the sea turtle with the continents near the end. We saw this live on the BBC news channel which was wonderful as it was unexpected. We even caught Big Ben live tolling the arrival of Brexit. Ian is a British citizen. He is here with a Green Card. He was not in favor of Brexit, but it's a pretty momentous occasion after 50 years.

Now, back to the states and backyard gatherings. Christmas and the day after were in the low 40s. I never thought I would be hosting outside at this time of year. It worked out well though. We had sunshine, wind protection from the garage, hot chocolate and ham/cheese sliders.

Another first for us was no Christmas tree. Normally, we purchase a real tree around the 15th. We went to the Trosa lot only to discover that they were completely closed up for the year. This led to a new style of decorating for the holidays. Elves, fairies, and other ornaments were scattered throughout the house. Bowls, window ledges and even door handles were used to hang ornaments. I might do some of these again.

This was the first Christmas with the pale pink table in the kitchen. I'm so amazed that Lowe's had the perfect color and style of string lights for this area.

I was feeling a little gloomy this morning. The last few days have been rainy and grey including today. I also discovered the ballerina ornaments had fallen over which caused a Partidge in a Pear tree ornament to shatter. (Good news! I found the same ornament online.)

My spirits were lifted when I saw this Brown-headed nuthatch on our feeder this morning. I haven't seen them here in a few years. The birds always make me smile. I love winter bird watching.

Happy New Year!


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