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RHS Chelsea 2024- The Art

While I enjoyed the gardens, the art at Chelsea was my favorite part. I'm unlikely to see garden art at this level ever in Durham. The sculptures are clearly being pitched at the mega wealthy. It makes you want to go out and buy an estate or a small retail center to decorate. :) They were spectacular.

Steel Sculptures surrounded by water -Paul Richardson Oh, to find something like this on a much smaller scale would be a dream.

Paul Vanstone- Marble sculptures

Powder Hall Bronze

Carrie Anne Funnell Glass- Bespoke (translation for Americans, custom)

Quist Copper Sculptures, Surrey- Ian did buy a cool dragon fly stake here.

Driftwood sculptures

An incredible dragon!

Steaming dragon with a sea of people!

Close up of the dragon holding the world between his claws.

Meerkats were there at the feet of the dragon.

A classic Britsh hare romping through a field of flowers.

True Fair Trading (retailer) What a striking display!

My favorite fountain at Chelsea. This was in a RHS Feature garden. This was re-purposed from a 2018 Chelsea Flower show garden, The Lemon Tree Trust designed by Tom Massey. So, I'm not the only person to fall in love with this beautiful design.

I think this water or woods sprite will remain a mystery. I'm not sure where I saw her. I was able to get enough clues in other photos to research online when in doubt.

Well, it's time to get back to earth... Alitex Greenhouses and the Pig Hotel teamed up to present a kitchen garden. I really liked the pig.

A last memory of our day at Chelsea about a block away as we entered the real world again on a misty rainy day.

You might understand now, why the art was my favorite part of the show. I appreciate what I've seen even more after creating this post. It is very difficult to take in everything on the day. Beauty is everywhere! I did a lot of online research to identify the artist/creators of these pieces. For instance, I didn't know that the star shaped water fountain was from a former Chelsea show. This has inspired me to find some more local art for our garden. There is always Cricket Forge!


6 days ago

They have something for everyone! My favorites are the lacy leaves and seeds at the very start and then the driftwood sculptures! You could spend days here!

6 days ago
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There's a reason we're friends. They were my favorites, too.

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