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Tornado and Rain

What a crazy few days. Our neighborhood was visited by a tornado on May 23th. Amazingly, very little damage occurred when you consider how many trees we have. Unfortunately, some people did sustain damage to their home from falling trees. 5/28/22 I'll have to walk the "very little damage" statement back. Ian saw another oak that had fallen last night on a home on Club Blvd.

The tornado stayed high when it came through Northgate Park, so it didn't touch down. We lost power for ten hours as Duke Energy worked diligently to restore the power lines that were brought down by the trees.

The rain may have prevented a serious fire. A line caught fire on Elgin St. Here's the WRAL story:

More storms passed through our area today bringing a little less than three inches of rain. We briefly lost power in the afternoon. Thankfully, it lasted less than an hour.

The ground was saturated when I took this short video this morning, May 27th.

A few hours later even more rain....

Taken from the pond area. Notice our house is reflected in the standing water!

Water flowing through the gate.

It's around 8:00 p.m. The rains have already left us. Tomorrow, we should wake up to beautiful blue skies and sun.

Maybe, I'll head to the Durham Farmer's Market at Central Park. This turbulent weather makes you appreciate how nice we normally have it here.

Happy gardening! I'm ready for June and daylilies.


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