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Signs of Summer

We had a late start to Spring with the cold and then drought, but summer is here now. I feel like we are in the tropics. We've had lots of lovely rain, but with incredible humidity. We might just melt.

Fortunately, some of our garden stalwarts are doing fine.

I think this daylily is spectacular. I don't remember having a daylily with this deep purple. Is it a new hybrid or have our weather extremes this year affected the coloration? Worst case scenario, I have forgotten.

Female Ruby throated hummingbird enjoying the Black and Blue Salvia

The squirrel feeder roof now has cedar shakes. These should hold up to the squirrel traffic. The charming bark roof didn't last very long as we knew.

It's a good thing that Ian is talented. There is always something to be fixed.

Silver streak butterfly on the white yarrow.

Another hybrid- I let the echinaceas go to seed for the birds and for self seeding. The petals on this one are quite different from the "standard". Notice how frilly they are.

Standard echinacea

The classic Fairy Tale Peach daylily

Barbara Mitchell, A Stout medal winner in 1992

Funshine abelia- These were planted in 2020. I'm so pleased to see that they are blooming this early.

The lavender hue is quite pretty. A couple of the white Chinese Asters are also blooming. Those are the small daisy like blossoms.

Eastern bumblebee on the Rose of Sharon (hibiscus). I think he's a little upside down. It's unusual to see one on the Rose of Sharon.

Looking down the street from the front yard. A neighbor's huge magnolia is in blossom.

Black Knight butterfly bush with two yellow swallowtails. We all love flowers, but having plants that host and attract pollinators will take your garden to a whole new level.

May your days be sunny with occasional rain!


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