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Oct. 13, 2021 A Wonderful Day

The morning was cool, mid- 60s to low 70s, with sun. The earth is moist after we had about two inches of rain last week. Captain Kirk had a successful space flight! We watched it live on YouTube with PBS News Hour. The footage was wonderful. It was very moving to hear William Shatner discussing his experience with Bezos immediately following touch down to Mother Earth. He repeatedly emphasized that the flight into space made him have a new recognition of the fragility of Earth.

Back to this little corner of Earth, our garden.

The first open blossom of the season for the Moonshadow camellia.

Chocolate eupatorium in bloom

Dahlia Teesbrooke Audrey has been revived after the rains.

Once again, I am so impressed with the performance of abelias. We planted 'Rose Creek" two years ago in one of the toughest sites in our backyard. It receives shade for a good part of the morning and gets blasted by the Western sun late in the day. It is blooming prolifically at the moment. The Chocolate eupatorium is to the right.

Black and Blue salvia, lipstick sage, veronica in the pot and Mardi Gras abelia.

Arctic Sun Dogwood in its autumnal glory.

The birds have missed this one cluster of berries. The others have been eaten.

Look up for Saturn and the moon tonight. As always happy gardening!

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