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May Day 2021

I think that Pan is a pretty good representative for ancient celebrations. It's been a cool bright day in Durham. Highs were only in the 70s. We are still experiencing unsettled weather. It was in the high 80s

a couple of days this week. I learned that we had the sixth driest April on record this year. That could explain the delay for some of our iris blooms. Normally, our Beverly Sills irises would bloom in mid-April.

They just started in the past week.

I've let Microsoft put together a photo montage of moments in the garden that were taken the last week in April and today, May Day. I've included a photo of the front brick pathway that was installed this winter. It was a little sad looking in the winter without anything green on either side. The lawn has softened the appearance now. We are still waiting for the the Love in a Mist to put on a show, but the pink primroses and blue salvia are looking good. The new William Baffin roses are still short, but are blooming profusely. I can hardly wait to see them climb high on the trellis. Enjoy the show.


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