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March 2022

Spring is racing towards us now. The weather has been a bit up and down as you would expect. This week we had above normal temps in the 70s and low 80s. Tonight, March 13th, we are expecting a low of 21 degrees. A cold front is entering the Triangle today. Instead of temperatures rising, they are falling. We even had a brief, but small snow flurry.

This year the Royal Star Magnolia has bloomed profusely. It skipped its bloom cycle in 2021 in response to our super wet winter. We have the opposite situation in 2022. We are on the dry side this winter. This week seems to be making up for it though. We had over an inch of rain in the wee hours of this morning.

Looking next door on March 2nd.

Many blue blossoms are opening and sharing their beauty.

Fall of 2021 we planted 'Blue Pearl' crocuses. A few have started to bloom.

Wildflower patch next door

Soon, they will create a beautiful blue haze on the lawn.

'Georgia Blue', creeping Veronica. Please note how the "weeds" above are just as beautiful. These were planted in Fall of 2021. They are ahead of the Veronica 'Waterperry' that's been here for a few years now. I hope that I will see both varieties blooming at the same time in a couple of weeks.

A perfect potted pansy

It has been dry until last week, but the Hellebores and a lady fern are doing just fine. The fern still has its old growth.

The soft yellow of a recently opened 'Mount Hood' daffodil. The trumpet will fade to white as it ages.

Our most prolific daffodil, probably 'Pink Charm'.

We purchased more of the 'Tete a Tete' style daffodils at Home Depot this year to add some Spring color next door.

They have performed well in our pots by the herb bed. So I thought why not try them in the ground too? I love these little guys.

Something appears to be eating the camellia buds on our one and only japonica. By early March we only had about five buds left. I'm not finding them on the ground. Perhaps a squirrel or even a deer is eating them? This bush hasn't had a good open blossom cycle since 2018. It can also get affected by tempestuous weather, if we have too much wind or cold when they try to open. 3/16/2022-Update. Definitely squirrels. I saw one this morning eating the only open blossom left on the bush. Next year, we will place netting around this bush.

One thing I can count on in early Spring.... Goldfinches getting brighter!

A quick clip of the garden in late afternoon today near the back of the house. Lots of March wind is blowing.

Enjoy the waking of Mother Earth.


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