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Magical Mid-May

Last night we saw the veiled crescent moon appear in the west as she set. I hope this signals the start of a little more warmth for Spring. We set yet another weather record this week with a low of 46 degrees in mid-May. The plants don't seem to have suffered, but the season seems delayed by a couple of weeks here. We also hit an "abnormally dry" period.

The disappearing act

Beautiful and bright a few minutes later

The pinks and purples of salvia, pink primrose and lychnis are creating a showy display in the front yard. The bees have been enjoying the salvia.

The hot pink lychnis that Aura gave us last year are looking good. They had a rough start when they were transplanted. I think they make a good accent with my favorite the blush pink.

More of the hot pink blossoms are open on May 19th.

A view from the patio to the pond

The coral bells are peeking above the dark purple Louisiana irises.

I briefly had a visitor while sitting by the pond. I think it is a Question Mark butterfly. Unfortunately, the photo is blurry. I hope that he will return so I can get a good photo to add to the "Butterfly Compendium".

The garden bench by the pond has wonderful views of the trees in the east. It's been a lovely couple of days, May 13 and 14, 2021.

I hope that your May is bright!


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