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Late Summer Begins

The "lovely" rain that we anticipated on July 26th didn't happen until twelve days later. On Aug. 7th, we had much needed rainfall. This photo was taken on Aug 2nd. The gorgeous pink hue is likely caused by particulate matter from the forest fires in the West.

'Southern Charm' verbascum has attracted an Eastern bumblebee.

Ian had a special sighting of a Green Heron at the Northgate Park retention pond. These herons are also visitors at the wetlands park at the nearby Museum of Life and Science.

This year we have moon flowers!

Without fail late summer brings us the most butterflies. This is the meadow style garden next door with flowers and muhly grass. 'Lollipop' verbena and 'Forecast' zinnias are attracting the pollinators. Featured are Buckeye, Spicebush Swallowtail and Cabbage White butterflies. The large bee is an American bumblebee.

I hope you enjoyed my first edited video. The original videos (2) with about three minutes of footage took hours to massage (split, trim and add music). It should be easier next time. :)


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