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Filming before the Cold Front Arrives

The lead photo isn't of Durham, but a garden in Ft. Wayne. Julie, in Ft. Wayne sent me some photos of her snow covered back yard.

On a happier note, Wix has recently upgraded their site to allow direct video uploads. This is great as I am not ready to create a YouTube channel. I've uploaded two short clips as the cold front arrives here. Photos will still be the focus media on this blog, but I had to give it a go. I'm sure my video skill set will improve in time. At the moment our border gardens in the backyard are verdant and full as we wait for more flower blossoms. The purple and white irises and spiderwort opened this week. I hope that the Lavender Lavinka columbine isn't damaged tonight. We aren't expecting snow, but temps will dip into the thirties.

Ft. Wayne- BRRRRR!

The snow hours later.

I'm sure we are all looking forward to May. Happy Gardening!


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