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And then it was December.....

Well, I pretty much missed a post for November. This will have to do. The month of November continued to be lovely here. The leaves stayed up a couple of weeks longer than usual due to the warm temperatures. I know this because our lawn service for next door will visit us again the week of Dec. 3rd and maybe one more time. Many summer perennials are sprouting basal growth its been so warm. I haven't cut any plants back for the winter because they are still green. The annuals are expired though. We are experiencing a mild Dec. 2nd with light rain and an expected high of 66 degrees. Next week we will cut the lantana hedge down. The tops of the plants are brown, but there is still green on the leaves below and some of the thrashers were using it for cover.

This is what's left of the Thanksgiving table which includes the wreath that's been removed from the front door. The porch pumpkins have been moved to the compost bin. Let the decorating transition to Christmas begin!

I found this cute felt garland on ETSY this year. I had hoped to use it for the fireplace mantel, but it didn't really look good there. It's cuteness does work great on the pink kitchen table though. The color is a little off in these photos. Its a dark day here.

Sticking with the interior.... I found a great clearance deal on Ballard Designs for this hutch which sits to the right if the TV armoire. We are using it as a bookshelf/display cabinet on the floor as opposed to a unit that sits on top of another unit. That was a great idea until we realized that the top was unfinished. We are waiting on a bronze tinted glass top to be delivered. That should solve the dilemma. I can hardly wait to use the top of this shelf unit. I've placed a battery operated LED lamp up there in the meantime. It was a Black Friday deal for less than $25.00. The light is too bright for me, but we'll figure something out. The armoire doors are normally open. This is just for the photo. I only close them when company is here.

I had a little angst about giving away the original shelving unit that sat beside the armoire. I've had it since I was in my 30s. It was from Bombay Co. After alot of thinking, I figured out a way to keep it. It has moved to my Yoga room upstairs and is operating as a plant stand now. That made me so happy. Again, its a dark day. Please forgive, the exposure.

Since I'm sharing interior changes, we should have an easier time installing the Christmas tree this year. Earlier in the year we moved a beautiful, but heavy plant pot from this corner. This bar cart is very light weight and small enough to move somewhere else in the house when the tree is in place. We have about 2000 square feet since the 2008 addition, but the original rooms from 1945 are quite small. It's a decorating challenge.

Let's flip back to a couple of garden photos to remind you that I'm really a garden journal blogger.

Beautiful color on Nov. 3rd.

It was looking a lot like Spring on Nov. 20th.

As always, happy gardening! I have a few crocus bulbs in the fridge that are due to be planted in the second week of December.

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