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Green in August

August weather has been a relief after twenty-four days of 90+ degrees. I never thought I would see plants make a comeback in August, but it happened this year.

Black Barlowe Columbine has re-bloomed.

The moisture in August has even brought us magical looking mushrooms.

The hydrangea blossoms which opened weeks ago still look good. These have matured from white with a hint of pink to a beautiful wine and chartreuse color combination.

Frogs are everywhere! This little guy wanted to come inside. He's at the bottom of our patio door.

The obedient plants have been better than ever. They love the moisture.

Moths are also using these plants at night.

Pink clouds and a beautiful waxing moon on Aug. 26th

I've tried dahlias again this year. I have learned the hard way that they do not overwinter here even if we have a mild winter. Another tip- bunnies love young dahlias. Three dahlias were killed. I'll try covering them with a cloche next year until they get large.

Dark Butterflies dahlia and grasshopper

Dahlia Teesbrooke Audrey

This dahlia can be used by pollinators as they can access the flower stamens.

One unwelcome difference noted this year is multiple big garden spiders. We relocate these away from the pollinator plants. They absolutely do kill big butterflies. "Hurray!", to my hero Ian. I can hardly look at these big colorful spiders.

I'll exit this post with a serene view of the garden bench by the pond.

Happy gardening!

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