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Exotic Winged Creatures

The approach of Hurricane Isaias may have brought a special gift to my mother's carport: a luna moth on Aug. 2nd. Did this luna moth take shelter here as the storm approached? It was in the daytime. Note how similar the colors of the ceiling and the moth are. It was good place to be camouflaged and dry. Our homes are in the same neighborhood. I have never seen a live Luna moth. Several years ago we found a dead one in the dry shade bed which happens to be below a Sweet gum tree. I hope that means she laid her eggs in the tree and passed.

This year every plant in the pond has thrived and the Red Hibiscus is no exception. A Tiger Swallowtail spent a lot of time on the blossoms on Aug. 5th. He wasn't feeding on the stamen, but was moving around its base. Was there nectar at the base? He was finding something as he kept coming back. I recently saw a few of those tiny ants that are plaguing us on one of the blossoms which lends strength to my theory.

Hummingbird sightings are increasing as babies are out of the nest and the males have started their migration South to Florida, Mexico and Central America.

I have never witnessed this behavior in a hummingbird. He was fanning out his wings on the ground as I have often seen larger birds do. Although, it looks alarming this guy was fine. He flew away after a minute. He landed here after feeding on a red salvia gregii (autumn sage) plant.

As most of the perennials are resting, it's a joy to see the these flying creatures. Here's another photo of a gold finch enjoying echinacea seed. I took this shot from indoors as the garden is about twelve feet away from the back door. Having your morning coffee with goldfinches and flowers is a good way to start your day.

I will be cutting back the jungle that is our garden and weeding as we prepare for the next wave of blossoms.

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