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Another Record Setting Winter

We've broken a couple of records in Winter 2019/2020, but at least it isn't for a polar vortex.

"As of February 12, 2020, Raleigh’s winter average temperature is 48.1° making this winter tied for the warmest winter since temperature recordings began 76 years ago."

"The Triangle has never had a snow-free winter since records began back in 1887. So far this winter we have not had any measurable snow in the Triangle. February is usually our second snowiest month of the year with 26% of our snow coming during the shortest month of the year. It has been more than 430 days since we’ve had measurable snow in the Triangle. The last snow was nearly 9 inches that fell December 9 and 10, 2018." News and Observer

"Boone averages 42 inches of snow each winter, Badgett says. This year it’s had 8 inches." Raleigh News and Observer

So, we had snowfall on Feb. 20, 2020 making it about 435 days without measurable snowfall. We are anxiously awaiting Spring. There

are sure signs of it, in fact they are quite early this year. One example is our March blooming camellia. It started blooming at least a month ago. Unfortunately, the blossoms are long gone. The paper bush was a little out of cycle too. This time the blossoms formed really early and then a hard frost killed them. They are relatives of daphne which are known for being finicky. I guess that explains why it struggles with the temperature swings. They are a little like me. I don't like too much change, if I'm already happy.

The Blue Pearl Crocuses and Hellebores seem to be in their normal cycle time.

Forsythia and small Star magnolia

Now, for a little snowfall.....

Lemon cypress- The warm winter has probably helped these new additions to the garden. They were planted Fall 2019.

By nightfall the pink dogwood is clad with snow

The white azaleas are being protected from frost with towels. The flowers buds will open any day now. These are opening early.

We are expected to reach seventy degrees tomorrow, Feb. 26th before plummeting to a low of 30 degrees on Feb. 27th. Plants here have to be resilient to handle these temperature swings. Planting twelve bare root phlox, Bright Eyes and Purple Kiss, this week helped satisfy my need to play in the dirt for a bit. Any excuse to garden while waiting for true Spring! We are so close.

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