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First Stirrings, Feb. 1st

Feb. 1st began as a gray wet day. Signs of "first stirrings" have already occurred this year. As I discussed previously, it's been a very mild winter. Next week we are predicted to have several days of temperatures in the high 60s. This past week neighbors have spotted unusual animal activity on Elgin St. A deer was running down the road around 11:30 a.m. Last night a coyote was spotted walking down Elgin St. Although we are in the City Limits, we are fortunate to be surrounded by wooded areas and our park, Northgate Park has a large creek running through it, the Ellerbe.

Here's confirmation of early Spring on Feb. 2: Pennsylvania Groundhog declares Spring 'a certainty'! Sir Walter Wally makes his prediction at noon today. I don't think we need it this year. Spring has been here a few weeks already. This pincushion flower never died back this year.

This camellia has already passed it's peak. Normal bloom time would be in late Feb. through early March.

Wild fern and Ralph Shugert vinca. It's been very wet and the ferns have multiplied.

Jack Frost Brunerra is in the same garden bed as the fern and vinca. I hope to have beautiful photos of this area in the Spring. It should have a fairy garden feel.

Pan, oxalis and the snow drops. I will plant more snow drops this Fall now that I know they like that area. This is the first time that I have planted snow drops. I can see why they are loved.

Emerging crocuses

Royal Star Magnolia, it seems to be in it's natural rhythm for bloom time.

The next two photos are of an indoor Christmas cactus that my dear friend MaryBeth gave me. I just had to share it.

I love the hint of orchid color against the white.

The sky was beautiful last night, Feb. 1st the clouds from our gray day broke up to reveal the moon and Venus.

Happy Early Spring everyone!

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