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Self-seeder Combinations for a Meadow Style Garden

My favorite Sun Lover combinations are often created from self- seeders. Mother nature plants them for you each year which gives the garden a natural meadow like effect.

Mid to Late Spring

Yellow pincushion flower (scabiosa ochroleuca)- pollinators plus goldfinches like the seeds

Love in a Mist (nigella damascena)- bees

Larkspur- no pollinators that I've seen

Photos from the front yard "Meadow garden" bed

The Love in a Mist also have beautiful seed heads that are a chartreuse color before they go completely brown. You can see them in the first photo.

In Fall 2020 I added tall yellow snapdragons to the garden. These aren't from seed and pollinators don't use them, but the effect was quite showy. Purple salvia is growing near them. They will support the pollinators.

Mid Summer to Frost- same garden as above, but the color goes to orange

Yellow pincushion flowers (to Frost)- pollinators and finches

Blackberry Lilies ( to late summer)- no pollinators

Orange Cosmos (to Autumn)- bees, butterflies

Purple salvia, perennial which blooms intermittently in summer and attracts bees.

For the most rapid results start with a plant and then let it self-seed for the following year. I did this with the yellow pincushion plants. I started the cosmos and larkspur from seed. A favorite perennial in this bed is the echinacea, "Milkshake".

Happy gardening!