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Late December Garden

We haven't seen much in the way of winter this year. Many plants haven't gone completely dormant. Seedlings are emerging a couple of months early, too. We are in such a mild climate that I've been considering what plants will provide needed color while we wait for true Spring.

Arctic Sun Dogwood with cushion spurge in the background.

I have underplanted this with black mondo grass, ophiopogon planiscapus for contrast. This is a very popular combo. I've seen it in many garden magazines. I transplanted baby plants from a group of established mondo grass. Here's a close up from Dec. 16th.

Here's a group of the established mondo grass.

We recently purchased two lemon cypress bushes on clearance at Home Depot to add a pop of green against the browns and fall hued leaves of the Spirea, Neon.

Another view of the spirea. It is unusual for it to keep it's leaves this late into the season.

Bushes that keep their beautiful hues throughout the year here in zone 7 are abelia.

Kaleidoscope abelia with Eleanor Tabor hawthorne bushes in the foreground.

A smaller abelia that I use for edging is Mardi gras.

I planted three Funshine abelia this year to add edging and winter color in the west facing garden border. They are still very small, but they will fill the area quickly. These plants have a lavender blossom in the summer.

Have a happy Yuletide! Christmas was a little hectic, but I enjoy the season through New Year's Day. I will post some photos of our Spring like garden soon.

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