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Late Autumn Beauty

Nov. 29th was so pleasant. There was brilliant sunshine and gentle temperatures in the low 60s. It was particularly enjoyable after the cleaning and cooking frenzy of Thanksgiving preparations. I hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving.

Today is cooler with some light rain, but it's still nice. The birds are active at the feeders today. The system that wreaked havoc in the West and will bring snow to the Northeast is approaching, but it will bring only rain for us. WRAL has forecasted a mild winter and very little snow here as there is no El Nino. So, let me share some photos with you before all is brown.

Yuletide camellia and a Southern Yellowjacket.

Purple clematis by the kitchen window. The bottom part of this plant is suffering from the early autumn flash drought, but the top is going strong. We'll cut it back after it stops blooming.

Colorful "Spring Glory" forsythia

This is the progeny of the previously mentioned Spring Glory with pink Muhly grass in the foreground. We transplanted starts from the forsythia mother plant.

Last of the purple salvia blossoms for this year.

The lone pink yarrow blossom has been unfazed by the cool night temperatures.

Even the Bright Eyes phlox blossom still looks good.

Pygmy barberry in the pot. I'll pull up the annual verbena and pentas soon.

My favorite Veronica, "Moody Blues Pink" It has the longest bloom time that I know of for a Veronica.

Heuchera by the pond. The rains helped revive it. It must think it's Spring.

Louisana Irises in the pond.

Moss and lichen covered stones by the "waterfall" in the pond.

The camellia that won't bloom for me, "Moonshadow". I haven't given up. I found some additional advice regarding no blossoms. Camellias like consistent moisture. I'll be better this year about mulching here, too. I hope that Fall 2020 will bring some blossoms.

The camellia that was hurt by a falling branch last year. The impact shook off all of the blossoms. This plant is less than ten feet away from Moonshadow; however, it is in woods soil. This is a Spring blooming Japonica. Moonshadow is in a fairly barren area below a huge ligustrum tree.

Collards in the herb bed.

Here are a couple of bird photos. The white throated sparrows returned in late October. I hadn't seen any juncos until one just flew in the house moments ago! The back door was open. He made it all the way to the front of the house, but fortunately he found his way out the back door again. This was a dark form junco. (I learned that from participating in the Great Backyard Birdcounts.) We have a pale gray junco too.

White Throated Sparrow in the Veronica pot. I love their clear noted

song. They will be here until late March when they move North for the summer.

Rufous Sided Towhee looking for seed below the feeders this morning.

The ghostly state of Pennisetum, "Fireworks" at the end of season. This is an annual which is a beautiful pinky red grass. I order it from White Flower farm. A butterfly pea vine was planted between the two grasses. You can see the remnants of another one on the left side of the photo.

It was wonderful to have such a beautiful day during this waning period of the daylight. Just think less than thirty days before the return of the light at Winter Solstice. The night sky has been pretty awesome though with the return of Venus.

Enjoy the long nights.

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