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Late Summer Morning

We had a beautiful rain yesterday as storms passed through. This morning lots of pollinators are gracing the front garden. The front gardens are messy, but the pollinators don't care. We typically have a long Indian Summer in the Piedmont, about three months worth. We will start with the late summer weeding and trimming today so the gardens will look good through this last part of the growing season.

Monarch and Salmon Queen zinnia

American Goldfinch enjoying the zinnia seeds.

This year's rain has encouraged the growth of many new wild plants in the garden. One of which is a goldenrod. I'll leave it alone for now since the pollinators are supposed to like them. I have to admit, I haven't seen many use it.

Another big showy Tiger swallowtail.

You can just make out a female Ruby throated hummingbird feeding on the pink salvia. She must be a migrator. This little bird tried the blue sage, the obedient plant, the white butterfly bush and the red bee balm in the space of a minute. I missed the best photo though. A yellow swallowtail and the hummingbird were using the obedient plant at the same time. This is in the backyard.

I hope you are enjoying your late season garden too!


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