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Beautiful Summer Solstice 2019

The day is beautifully bright and windy. More thunderstorms are coming tomorrow. This will be a quick post, but I wanted to send Solstice greetings. By the way, check out yesterday's Variegated Fritillary post.

Salmon Queen Zinnia

The mighty Willow Oaks. They were planted in many front yards 70 or 80 years ago.

Tiger swallow tail feeding on the wild bergamot. He's hanging on for dear life. The wind is bouncing the butterflies around today. I was fortunate to get this shot. There were many missed opportunities with all of the air movement.

Tiger Swallowtail and wild bergamot

This lemon yellow daylily is one of my favorites.

Laura Phoenix led our yoga class on the patio at American Dance Festival today under the oak tree. Not because of solstice, but ADF is in full swing, so our class was homeless today. :) Later it's Pimm's on our patio with strawberry/raspberry puree and my favorite ginger ale, Reed's Extra Ginger Brew. I will be making cheese spread later: sun dried tomatoes, cheddar, smoked gouda, chipotle dried spice, mayo, and cream cheese. I've researched several pimento cheese spreads this week. The two de rigueur ingredients are the mayo and cream cheese. The rest is up to you!

Happy Summer Solstice!

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