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Anticipation- Late March 2019

It's past time to post some photos! I'll start with pictures taken from St. Patrick's Day through March 20th. I'm anxiously waiting for Ruby-throated hummingbirds to arrive. I put up my feeder a little earlier this year, March 20th, willing them to appear. The hummingbird tracker had a sighting in Pinehurst, NC a couple of days ago, so they are on their way here. Update: My next door neighbor, Susan, spotted a hummingbird on April 7th.

The cushion spurge is wearing it's Spring green brilliantly.

We've had an unusual amount of rainfall this year which has really helped our daffodils. I have two bunches that bloomed for the first time in several years.

This group does well each year. Wild oxalis is at their feet.

This pink daffodil just keeps going and going. I've divided them many times. I believe it's Pink Charm. I planted them so many years ago I can no longer swear to the name. They open with a hint of orange and fade up to this soft peach.

Mount Hood daffodils. These open with a soft yellow corona or trumpet and mature to pure ivory.

I just had to catch a photo of my next door neighbor's fancy daffodil.

Speaking of fancy..... These are my double petaled hellebores.

The weeping cherry has been beautiful this year. It opens with the softest pink and fades up to white.

The pure romance of floating petals.

Epimediums are one of my favorite ephemerals. I'm still waiting for the Domino epimediums to bloom. They are in deeper shade than the two pictured.

Daytime moon on St. Patrick's Day. We didn't get to see the full moon on Spring Equinox. The sky was covered in clouds, but we did get Spring rain.

One of my favorite ground covers, Ralph Shugert vinca minor.

I have high hopes that this white azalea with pink freckles will not get frost bite this year.

Mr. Garden gnome (or at this time of year Mr. Leprechaun) wishes you a glorious early Spring! Meanwhile, I think I'll have a Harp beer in the backyard on the lounge chair. I hope that I'm not pummeled with falling pine cones in this March wind. I've been smart about one thing, we have already picked up our dinner (poke bowls) from Zen Fish on Ninth Street. The hubby is preparing to watch March Madness College basketball. It's going to be a long night.

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