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White Kitchen Refresh

Ian has been working hard to update our kitchen. I'm happy to say we have a bright white kitchen with color again! We've been living with the same vinyl floor that was installed in 1996. The kitchen was remodeled in 1996 thru Lowe's after I purchased the house in 1995. It's an interior room with only one window which faces West. I was on a budget so I chose economical cabinetry with a couple of splurges. It's still doing fine in 2019.

I've been desiring a contemporary wallpaper for awhile. After much online surfing I found the print for us. It has bright soft colors with an abstract floral motif which connects with the colors in the dining room.

I investigated Marmoleum (linoleum) for the floor. Unfortunately, I could not find a color sample that worked with my plan. Ian was quite happy about this as the salesman explained that Marmoleum and it's installation is one of the higher priced options. Being in an old house part of the kitchen floor slopes a little bit so ceramic tile wouldn't have worked very well. We ended up with a much cheaper and easier to install option: Armstrong peel and stick vinyl tiles in Arctic White. I'm very pleased with the look. Ian installed the tiles at an angle to give the illusion of a wider space. The kitchen is a good size, but it's a long rectangle.

Here's a view of the back of the kitchen. I normally have coffee mugs in the empty shelf, but they are in the dishwasher. The glass display cabinet was one of the kitchen splurges from long ago.

Views of the front part of the kitchen. Ian painted the walls the palest shade of pink, Sherwin Williams, Gorgeous White in semi-gloss. I love the light play that semi-gloss gives plus it's easy to clean. I might hang a small decorative wreath on the blank wall. I haven't decided yet. There used to be a window there until we added on to the house. There is a laundry room on the other side of that wall now.

A small detail, but oh so functional and lovely Brabantia trash can in Clay Pink. I ordered it from Home Depot.

I almost forgot to mention that we still have the same lavender/gray laminate counter tops. I'm very pleased with the overall effect. Cheery and refreshed! Thanks for your hard work Ian.

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