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Late December 2018

It's been a very wet and warm Autumn. We have officially broken the record for the wettest year in the Triangle: 59.22 inches of rain.

Two hurricanes and El Nino are responsible for this. We are expecting more rain tomorrow. Here are a few photos from sunnier days in late December.

The camellias have loved the gentle temperatures, if not the amount of snow that we had. This is my outdoor Christmas tree, Yuletide camellia.

Yuletide camellia late Dec. 2018

We had an early visit from the Cedar Waxwings. They normally come to us in January or February.

Cedar Waxwing

This is why the waxwings visit our backyard. It's also the reason these ligustrums are invasive.

Ligustrum berries

I'll include this extra cute photo of Maddie Rose and her Dad.

It's so nice to see this gorgeous purple blue pansy on a cloudy day.

Purple Blue pansy

The Kimberly Queen fern is doing great with the moisture and mild temps. Normally, this would have died back by now.

I'll leave you with the moon from Solstice weekend.

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