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Winter Storm Dec. 9, 2018

We woke up to nine inches of snow this morning. As of 12:47 p.m. it's up to 9.75 inches. The good news is that it has stopped. I'm hoping that we don't lose power. Freezing rain is possible, but so far I've not seen anything significant. The table in the background is our attempt at providing the birds and squirrels some shelter so they can eat the seed. Ian cleared the snow from under the table and distributed the seed.

Yesterday, we did the usual snow preparations with the rest of Durham at Whole Foods and Harris Teeter. Ian avoided Costco when he saw how crazy the lines for gas were. A wine vendor at Whole Foods had good timing with his tastings. Coincidentally, Annette had purchased the same Cabernet Tempranillo blend at Whole Foods: The Spanish Quarter, 2016. We purchased it on the advice of Micheal H. So that's at least four people who were enjoying a good red before the storm. Annette came over and we officially opened the Christmas holidays with the wine. We had homemade vegetable soup and cheese toast for dinner. Yum!

Earlier, Ian and I went to the TROSA Christmas tree lot at Northgate Mall to get the wreath. We'll go back later in the week for the tree. The Christmas candles and the wreath were up in time for our lovely snowfall. Julie B. your Christmas card might be stuck in Durham for a day or so. We mailed them yesterday.

It's a dark cozy day. The photos were so dark, I had to edit the light level when I uploaded them. I'll start working with some more Christmas decorations in a few minutes.

Miss Maddie Rose is undeterred by the snow.

Looking into the pine trees.

Per Annette and Julie's requests. Another photo of Maddie :)

Northern Flicker eating the Hot Meats Suet by Cole's. This really works. The birds love it and the squirrels avoid it. This photo was taken Dec. 10th.

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