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Mystery Weed Fall 2018

I think it's a Small Woodland sunflower, but who knows? I've been trying to find a match online, but it can be difficult to pinpoint.

We're staying inside today as the remnants of Hurricane Michael pass through Durham. We've had steady rain, but now the wind has really picked up. A cold front is meeting a warm front and things are getting a little dicey. Hopefully, no trees or serious branches will come down. So back, to sunnier times.

Mystery sunflower complete with tiny white spider, Oct. 7, 2018

Could this be Helianthus schweinitzii? I found this on a native North Carolina web site, Jan. 18, 2019.

How nice of these plants to be on either side of the bird feeder. Did I do that or mother nature? A neighbor gave me some seeds last year, but I don't know where I placed them. I also thought these were going to be Veronica Fascination for most of the summer. I planted three in Fall 2016, but they weren't very happy in this location. So I was very surprised to see round yellow flower buds.

Pollinators are using these plants. Hooray!

An Eastern bumble bee is collecting pollen.

Eastern bumblebee on wild sunflower

We are looking forward to cooler weather starting tomorrow. We haven't really experienced Fall or an Indian summer this year. Well, I just saw a flash and heard the familiar sound of a transformer booming.

Signing off with power at the moment. Prayers to the people who were impacted much more severely by Hurricane Michael.

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