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Dahlia Dark Butterfly and Black Knight Butterfly Bush

I haven't posted a new "Artful Combination" in a long time. I've been waiting for our new Dahlia, Dark Butterfly to bloom. I planted it with a Dark Knight butterfly bush. The dahlia has leaned backwards to follow the western sun (this garden faces east). The backward lean has caused the dahlia to bloom through the butterfly bush. I like the effect. Next Spring I will move the dahlia more in line with the butterfly bush so it won't have to lean so far backwards. I also plan to add another Black Knight and Dark Butterfly to add more depth to the look. We purchased both plants online at White Flower Farm. They are my favorite long distance nursery for perennials.

I love the deep purple of Dark Knight with the color changing dahlia.

I hope the dahlia survives our winter. We will mulch it heavily!

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