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Welcome Autumn Equinox

Fall rolls in at 9:54 p.m. EDT tonight. I am ready for cooler temperatures and gentler weather. I know that people Southeast of us are ready to say goodbye to Florence and hello to recovery. The seasonal wheel turns again. I'm in a bit of a mystical mood. I made it a point to see an open hibiscus blossom in the pond and a white moon flower on the rose arbor. The hibiscus blossom will be closed before nightfall. The window to have both blossoms open at the same time is short.

The camera focus on my trusty old camera died about a week ago. I've been considering a camera with a better zoom. I have it now, but I'm still discovering what this camera can do. This "mystical" shot of the hibiscus, moonflower and the green man on equinox was taken with a "low light" setting which highlights color.

Well, no wonder I'm in a mystical mood. There is a beautiful moon rising. I"ll have to work on my night time photography, but you get the idea. Clouds are rolling in for more rain tomorrow and a high of 68 degrees.

Check out the latest butterfly entries on the Butterfly Compendium post. We had a Gulf Fritillary and a Long Tailed Skipper visit the lantana hedge this week. They've been added to the post.

I'm already missing the long daylight hours, but it comes with less heat so that's okay!

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