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Heading to mid-Summer's Eve

The enthusiasm of summer blooms brings joy, but it's been a bittersweet few days. One of Northgate Park's long term neighbors, Janet Neville, passed away at age 87 on June 9th. We attended the visitation last night. The service was today, the 15th. Do we have a connection with that number? (Thurman's supposed birthday 3/15, Milkshake's passing 3/15, Janet's funeral 6/15.) We didn't attend, but went to Durham's dear old Maplewood cemetery to visit her grave today. Janet was one of our last strong links to Thurman and Milkshake. She told me that she had asked God to send her a friend. She said her prayer was answered in the form of Thurman. Thurman lived at one end of the street and Janet was on the other end a few blocks up. They visited each other frequently. Thurman would drive up to Janet's house with Milkshake on a regular basis. Janet and I agreed that we were part of a special circle. Godspeed Janet!

It's a glorious morning! Excellent for taking a few photos.

Black and blue sage, Miss Molly buddleia, Mardi Gras abelia, echinacea, bee balm and soft yellow pincushion flowers.

View of the old garage, herb bed and flower bed. The lavender blossoms in the pot to the far right are Veronica Moody Blues Pink. They really do bloom all summer to frost. I potted three last year and they survived the winter.

Fairy Tale Peach daylily, more echinaceas and sedum in the foreground.

White yarrow and more Fairy Tale Peach day lilies

The meadow garden. Most of the flowers in this bed are self seeders.

The purple blue flowers are larkspur. It started from seed that I took from my mother's garden in Fall 2017. Hopefully, there will be more larkspur plants next year.

I can't believe it, but Julie's Lavender Lavinka columbine is still blooming.

Even the shamrock is still blooming.

A classic blue scabiosa growing through the ubiquitous yellow pincushion flowers, scabiosa columbaria var.ochroleuca.

Milkshake echinacea. This doesn't grow as tall as my other echinaceas, but it is quite showy with it's double flowers. The bees like it too.

Purple Balmy bee balm planted in 2017. It has doubled in size this year. I would describe the color as violet. There is also a "Lilac" version. Judging by photos I think mine looks closer to the Lilac version than the Purple. The bumble bees are definitely using it. Salvia gregii and mongolian aster are in the background. You can just make out the pink flowers on the Beauty Berry bushes.

May your day be filled with sunshine and blossoms!

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