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Finally, Some Butterflies

We've had an unusually rainy Spring in 2018. I feel that there have been more cloudy wet days than sunny. This has delayed some blooms and the butterflies. We've got plenty of lovely frogs though. I'm not complaining, just observing. Here's a few shots of the fauna in the gardens.

Variegated Fritillary and Echinacea

Variegated Fritillary and cone flower

Green (Male) Frog- The yellow throat is indicative of a male.

Eight Spotted Forester Moth

6 12 18- Eight Spotted Forester Moth- He's sitting on a daylily frond.

I originally called this a Mournful Thyris. That was incorrect. I have found a fantastic site for common insect identification. It has all kinds of critters e.g. butterflies, moths, bugs, arachnids. You can see them by state:

Variegated Fritillary and Ladybug on self seeding yellow pin cushion flower.

This guy loves the echinaceas. Remember, keep those wild violets as these are host plants for fritillaries.

Tree frog or baby Green frog?

Yes, we have plenty of chickweed in the pond.

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