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Happy Mother's Day!

Today we celebrate our mothers with food, cards, gifts, flowers, visits, and phone calls. Mother's Day is the biggest call volume day of the year. I know this from viewing data in my past life at GTE/Verizon.

We are having brunch together this year. I'm very fortunate to have my mother blocks away. She was an avid flower gardener in her younger years. Last week Ian and I planted some new sun loving plants in her front yard. Her years of working the soil certainly made our job easy. I'll supply some photos when they are in bloom. We started with a Miss Molly Butterfly bush, New Vintage Red Yarrow, and a Salvia Furman's Red. Each year Mama plants zinnia seeds in that area so it should be quite a show later in the season.

We also tucked in a Songbird Mix columbine in a shady area.

Here's a quick bouquet story.........

I was fortunate enough to receive fresh peony stems from my cousin Kelly late last week. His bushes are incredible! Yesterday, my sister, Annette picked up a bouquet from the Central Park Durham Farmer's Market with pink and purple bell shaped flowers for today's brunch. Most of the peony blossoms were past their best, but I had two beauties left. The lead photo demonstrates the power of Yin and Yang, opposites attract, and complementary. They work pretty well in life and design. The big blousy peonies look great with the smaller bell shaped flowers. If anyone knows the name of the bell shaped flowers, please let me know.

The masterpiece!

Beautiful Peonies from Kay and Kelly's garden.


Follow up: Annette's strawberry trifle Mama thinks the bell shaped flowers are campanula. 5/18/18 These are campanula, Canterbury Bells.

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