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It's a Blissful May Day

We have a perfect day in Durham, NC. Low 80's and soft blue Carolina sky. I've been walking around the garden taking a few photos.

This mock orange came with the house so it's been here at least 23 years. They like full sun, but this plant is in the shadiest part of our back yard in the fern bed. 5/4/18 I just discovered that this is probably the native version of mock orange, philadelphus inodorus. This explains why it has no scent and is thriving under the pines and various ligustrums.

Yellow flag iris in the pond.

Red Riding Hood Penstemon and Pan. I've added a couple of hoop stakes to keep them upright. Hopefully, we'll have a hummingbird visit them. Yesterday, a male ruby throated hummingbird was feeding on the hot pink salvia greggii.

Carolina blue sky and pines

White and purple salvia in the front garden bed. The tall ferny plants in the background are Love in a Mist. They have taken over, but I'm not removing any until after they bloom. It will be a sea of blue.

I had to take another photo of the Brite Eyes Rose. This time my favorite iris, Beverly Sills is in bloom.

Beverly Sills iris, close up

Our newest piece of garden whimsy is Serenity. I found her on Etsy from an artist who is in Fayetteville, NC. The shop name is edMUDson.

Looking into the herb bed which is currently dominated by self seeding chervil. I let it go to seed then pull it up in the heat of summer. It makes me feel like I'm in a meadow.

The blue irises from Ludie.

Time to sign off. A tree sapling package has arrived from the Arbor Day Foundation.

Happy May Day to everyone!

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