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Late April 2018 Gallery

I'll start with another beautiful plant that came to the garden as a gift.

I received this gorgeous bearded iris in Winter 2017. This is the first year it's bloomed here. Xiaomei and Joe graciously gave us this plant from their Chapel Hill garden. The color was thought to be white, but we had a beautiful surprise when it turned out to be a periwinkle blue with white and purple sepals.

Fully opened

The Firewitch dianthus actually scented the air this year. I've had it for several years and never noticed such a sweet scent. I thought it was from another plant until I got on my hands and knees to confirm that it was indeed the dianthus with the perfume. I think that the chartreuse Creeping Jenny makes a nice backdrop. I can't say that it was a clove scent though.

Firewitch dianthus

I don't know the name of this heuchera, but the leaves are very similar to the native Heuchera americana. Maybe, that's what I have or it's a close relative because it has performed so well over the years in the dry shade behind the garden pond.

Dogwood elegantissima and creeping phlox.

The Jack Frost Brunerra is gorgeous even while we wait for the pale blue blossoms.

Brite Eyes Rose. The blossoms are so big and blousy this year. I rooted a stem from the main bush a couple of years ago, so I think this has attributes from one of the parent plants now. I don't remember having such large blossoms in the past. Maybe, it had something to with our cold Spring as well?

Willow Amsonia from Aunt Anne. We have divided this over the years and it performs beautifully. We have it in multiple areas of the garden. It performs for us in part sun areas. This is a native.

Salvia greggii The hummers love this. I've had a few sightings so far this Spring, but on the feeder.

Happy gardening!

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