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Amazing Bouquet

Daffodils in Ft. Wayne 4/17/2018

My good friend Julie sent me some photos of her daffodils in Ft. Wayne, IN, plant hardiness zones 5b and 6a. Durham's hardiness zones are 7a and 7b. Our daffodils are spent now. Julie's were going strong April 10th, but she still needed to rescue some from their rains to make a beautiful bouquet.

Julie's daffs after the rain battered them. Amazingly, she washed them off and worked her magic on the bouquet.

Daffodils after the rain

Before the rain.

Daffs with scillas in background

Thanks for sharing Julie. You have great gardening and floristry skills!

I also see you use a lot of mulch. It's definitely working for your bulbs.

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