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Cedar Waxwings 2018

Each year I am treated by the Cedar Waxwings. There are two large ligustrums (privet) in the backyard that bear fruit. I see a small flock of cedar waxwings each year in January and February. I estimate the number to be between twenty and thirty birds. I missed their first visit as one of the trees is completely bare of berries. There is often competition from Robins that choose to overwinter here. We normally have a few that stick around.

I just returned from the madness that is Whole Foods grocery on Valentine's Day to the beautiful sight of my waxwings in the second tree. I know that the privets are invasive; but they were here before me, bear fruit for the birds and have creamy blossoms in the summer. It's rather mesmerizing to watch the blossoms sway in the evening summer breeze. Of course, that could be me going into a trance from our summer heat.

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