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Winter Wonderland Jan. 17, 2018

As predicted, we are receiving a beautiful snowfall today. It's still coming down at 3:00 p.m. It started around 8:00 this morning. Here's a winter slide show for you. Hover over the photo if you'd like to see a caption. The photo of Beaver Marsh Preserve and the Ellerbe Creek in our neighborhood park were taken by Ian on his walk around the area this morning. Beaver Marsh Preserve is a real treasure. It is fed by a fresh water Spring behind a strip mall. This Spring also feeds the Ellerbe Creek. Most of the trees that you see in the photos are pines and willow oaks. Part two of the snow day will involve my first roast chicken. I've never roasted a whole chicken, but with some guidance from the Barefoot Contessa, I should be okay.

Part 2 of the day didn't go as planned. We lost power, but not before the chicken was roasted. Happily, power was restored within two hours. We'll enjoy the chicken dinner tonight! We have plenty leftover as dinner was a pretty meager affair without the power. In case, you are wondering about the deviled egg plate. I ended up with three last year at Christmas. I can see using two on occasion, but not three. We'll be taking this to the Salvation Army, so some lucky person can have a beautiful deviled egg plate.

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