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New Year's Day 2018

Thank you for following this blog in 2017. It started as a way to entertain myself during a January snow in 2017. It's benefitted me in more ways than one. It has become my garden journal. It's kept me in in touch with a former colleague and friend who is also a lover of gardens. We would have continued to be in contact anyway, but this has encouraged us to share plants, seeds and photos even though we are states and garden zones away. This week a sorority sister looked me up online and found the blog. I'm sure she's happy to see that I've settled down some thirty plus years later (Smile).

To my surprise this site has had visitors from fifteen countries. Wix offers great analytical data. Some of the more distant ones are Ghana, Latvia, Pakistan, Phillipines and New Zealand to name a few. I look forward to continuing this project in 2018.

May you have a healthy, peaceful and creative 2018!

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