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Feel Good Foods for the Cold

Photo from the BBC of Hot chocolate

This post is for the cold temperatures and colds!

I like so many others picked up a respiratory virus the day before Christmas Eve. I wasn't down for the count until Dec. 26th. My mother came to the rescue. She advised me to drink the turkey broth from our Christmas dinner. We roast the bird and store the drippings in the fridge for future cooking. I skimmed off the fat at the top of the liquid which was now in a gelatin state. I spooned out some of the gelatin into a bowl and added water then simply microwaved the mixture. I ended up drinking the entire thing by the evening. It had an amazing effect on me. It immediately soothed my throat. About three hours into drinking the multiple bowls of soup, my sinuses opened. After soup and a long deep sleep I am definitely on the mend. Goodbye congestion and low fever! I had to share this because it gave me such relief. I'm going to make some chicken stock soon and freeze it. I did read that grass fed meat is best because there is a higher omega 3 content. Apparently, omega 6 can be inflammatory.

Now onto more pleasant topics. Hot Chocolate recipes from the BBC.

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