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Verbena Canadensis and Snow

I've had mixed success with perennial verbenas when planted in the ground. I've tried Purple Homestead and Apple Blossom (verbena canadensis). Both of these do well until we hit heat and dryness or should I say when the heat and dryness hits us? In 2017 I decided to pot two creeping verbenas. I deadheaded these after the blossoms were spent. The blossoms came and went in waves as expected. Here we are with snow on Dec. 8th and they are still beautiful. Now, let's hope they overwinter well. I've mulched them for protection and they are close to the house. I do not know the name of this pink. It wasn't labeled, but it is a perennial. I believe Purple Homestead and Apple Blossom would also do well in pots. As you can see, we've had a very mild autumn albeit dry. Currently, we are in a moderate drought status in Durham County. The stonecrop and succulents are still looking good too.

Note: There is only one verbena plant in the pictured pot. It spread quite well.

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