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Double Duty Plants for Flowers and Fall Foliage

I never realized how many plants known for their flowers also provide us with beautiful autumn color. We've had a long mild autumn this year. Here's a list of a few plants that I selected for blooms which also provide autumn color: Crape Myrtles, Dogwoods, Solomon's Seal, Spice Bush (viburnum), Forsythia, Beauty Berry, Hydrangea and Solomon's Seal to name a few. Consider this when planting to extend your garden enjoyment.

The forsythia is starting its yellow show against the Japanese Maple.

I took this photo of the potted White Hydrangea against the table cloth to highlight it's intense color. The older blossoms are wine colored. You can make out a new white bud in the front of the bush.

Ghostly Solomon's Seal plants behind the flag irises and hibiscus stalks.

The young Cherokee pink dogwood.

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