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Moody Blues Pink Veronica

I love the cottage charm of veronicas though they don't bloom for a very long time in my garden. I purchased a new variety this summer because 1) it's pink 2) it supposedly blooms until frost. I've waited to see if the latter is true. Indeed it is. Pollinators are attracted to the blossoms, but it's not as popular with them as the Black and Blue Sage. This plant was introduced in 2014 by Star Roses and Plants. Note that the photo on their web site has a small bumble bee on one of the veronicas.

Moody Blues Pink Veronica Nov. 16, 2017

Keeping these in the pot has made it easier to water these frequently. I normally have a hard time with veronicas in the garden bed when we hit our heat and dry spells. I also deadheaded the blossoms periodically. I blanketed them with mulch this week for the winter season. I look forward to seeing them re-emerge in Spring.

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