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Durham, NC in Pastel?

Attention urban hipsters! I like Durham's industrial theme, but a little softness is also appreciated, especially in my home. I attended an open house at Vintage South recently and found an abstract representation of Durham. I'm so pleased! Pinks, blues, and green with touches of gold for my 1945 cottage home. The artist is Berkley Wooten who lives in Burlington. My sister, Annette was the catalyst for this day out, but she left with only Big Bundt's cake balls (they are delicious) and let me do the real shopping. AAARGH!

Maybe Durham is getting softer. I just thought of the new restaurant on Main St., It's a Southern Thing. They have beautiful pale pink pillows incorporated into the dark wood interior. The food is great too. Where else can you have dinner in nice surroundings and order a Sloppy Joe?!

Here's the true shape of the painting. I had difficulty getting the top of the painting in the frame when I took the shot head on.

I"ll be back to gardening with the next post.

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