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Flora and Fauna Spring/Summer 2017

Each year has highlights and variances from the prior year. These are a few observations from the 2017 growing season.

- Where were the buckeye butterflies? They have been plentiful in years past.

- The most common butterfly in the yard was the American Painted Lady. (I hate to use the word common for such a beauty.)

-Spring came early this year, but did it have a negative impact on the

English Bluebells? They came up, but didn't have their usual vigor. See

the blog cover photo in Spring 2016 when they were spectacular.

-We had a gentle summer this year. There was no string of days over 100 degrees and rainfall was plentiful. The abnormally dry period started in September. I believe that our gentle summers are far and few between these days.

We had some fun with new sightings. I've been in this home for over 20 years and these are firsts for me. They were noteworthy enough for a blog entry.

- See "The Imperial Moth".

-Wild pheasant next door. See "Backyard Surprise ".

-The migrating Rose Breasted Grosbeak at the feeder. See "Refuge for the Rose Breasted Grosbeak".

- Last but not least, the Total Solar Eclipse. See "Eclipse Tree Shadows". I suspect this wasn't a first for me, I'm 58, but taking photos during an eclipse definitely was a first.


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