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Plants that can take Zone 7 Dryness and Heat

Twenty-three days without measurable rain fall. On Oct. 7th glorious rain came down on Durham in the evening. I haven't posted photos for most of this period. The abnormally dry conditions caused a drought in my garden spirit. We've been watering periodically to keep things alive, but not necessarily attractive. I have some photos of a few plants that continued to look great during the dry period.

The lead photo is a massive lantana hedge that has been here for at least fifteen years. This is low maintenance with the exception of keeping it in bounds thru trimming. I cut it to the ground before winter and mulch it for protection from the cold.

The orange coreopsis isn't too perturbed by the dryness. We have watered a few times during this period which made a difference.

Sedum Autumn Joy, a garden classic. We planted it this summer (2017).

Old fashioned sedum from my grandmother's yard. I transplanted these in early summer. Actually, they've been moved twice this season. The first location turned out to be too shady for them. They were turning a sickly yellow color. They are in the front yard now which receives full sun. I also have these sedums in the back which is part sun, so they can take a little shade.

I featured this plant on my Mystery Weed post recently. It's been fine in the heat and dryness. It's a Milk weed, asclepia tuberosa.

Speaking of plants that attract butterflies.... I have had five Painted Lady butterflies on the lantana hedge for a couple of weeks now.

Another Painted Lady Stretch your screen if you can, to see her enlarged.

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