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September Garden Magic by Mother Nature

I finally have some photos of hummingbirds. As mentioned on previous posts the Black and Blue Sage is a favorite of theirs. I was fortunate to catch a photo of a female using the Obedient plant, physotegia virginiana and the Black and Blue Sage.

Obedient plant and female Ruby Throated hummingbird

Hummingbird in the Black and Blue Sage

Our little garden guy, Pan thru the flowers

I'm thrilled to see a Black Swallowtail. We had so many caterpillars on the parsley that I expected to see more butterflies. Look closely and you will see the butterfly looking at a caterpillar. Maybe, checking out her offspring?

Variegated Fritillary feeding on the peppermint blossoms

Mourning doves enjoying their evening meal

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