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Mid July Zone 7 Gallery

Our next wave of plants is coming forth. These photos were taken July 10th and the 11th before our hottest day of the year to date. The high today is predicted to be 97 degrees. We've had a very gentle summer, so far. The plants are suffering at the moment, but will recover when night falls.

Hibiscus in the garden pond. It's about seven feet above the water line. You can cut the stems back in Spring to have a shorter plant.

Third wave of Neon Spirea blooms. I trim back parts of the bush throughout the growing season to encourage a longer bloom period.

Annual Salvia. This was a gift I received at least fifteen years ago from a dear neighbor and friend, Clara M. They happily re-seed themselves late in the season each year. They will keep going until frost. When the weather cools they are a beautiful peachy pink. Yes, they attract hummingbirds; although, the Black and Blue Sage seems to be their favorite.

Speaking of Black and Blue Sage, even the dragonflies use it. I also cut this back thru the growing season. I have a colony so there is an endless supply of blooms. I simply avoid cutting them all back at the same time.

The climbing rose, Brite Eyes surprised us with mid-summer blooms this week.

Old fashioned sedum from my grandmother's garden. This is another plant that's good for pollinators. The blossoms are blush pink, almost white. I don't know the official name of this plant.

Beautyberry- callicarpa dichotoma

There will be plenty of berries for the birds this year. We have a group of three. I read that multiple bushes will encourage more berry production.

Chocolate Eupatorium. I was introduced to this plant in 2016 by neighborhood plant professionals, Matt and Lyndsey. The ivory buds are just starting.

A glimpse into the backyard.

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