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Wild Bergamot

This is my new favorite summer bloomer. I first saw this in of course a British gardening magazine. I love plants that have a long bloom period, soft colors and attract pollinators. In 2015 I planted Wild Bergamot seeds which did not come to fruition. Fortunately, White Flower Farm added Wild Bergamot plants to their extensive inventory in the Spring 2017 catalog. I ordered three and planted them in a part sun area. They are between some fairly aggressive Black and Blue Sage and a white butterfly bush. The Bergamot started to bloom this week. It is a type of bee balm, Monarda fistulosa. I've had multiple bees feeding on the blossoms.

Soft lavender Wild Bergamot Mine are paler than the White Flower Farm photo, but I prefer this.

Carpenter Bumble Bee on Wild Bergamot

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