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Hybrid Echinacea

We have many plantings that were chosen with pollinators in mind. Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds bring a garden to life. I had not considered the gift of hybridized plants. This echinacea came up from seed. I rate it as one of the showiest that I have. I've waited for two years to see these blooms. I don't know what was holding it back, but it was worth the wait. Actually, I do know of two problems, a lawn mower accident and one small Maltese. This echinacea has a phenomenal scent. It has a top note of honey with a finish of jasmine. I have mid-pink and Fragrant Angel (white) echinaceas close by. I suspect this is their combined offspring. It opens as a blush color, then lavender pink and matures to a deeper pink. Thank you pollinators! The slide show demonstrates the progression of color from May 4, 2017 thru May 23, 2017. The final photo is a little over exposed as the color is lighter than reality.

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