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Potting up for summer

I've slowed the pace of perennial plantings in the yard, so it's time to pot annuals. I'm sure you've heard of the "Thriller, Filler and Spiller" formula. I've never been very good with filling my pots. I'm just not excited about them the way I am with my perennials. I had a revelation this year about my potted plant past. I typically skip the filler.** This year I will follow the formula more diligently. My sister, Annette on the other hand is an expert. One tip she advises is overfill the pots with plants. Don't give the plants too much space as they are there for only one season. I still don't do that on Annette's scale, but I'm adding more. She uses potted plant groupings on her back porch to create a lush oasis each year. I'll share photos of hers later in the season when they are mature. The first potted plant grouping in the gallery was composed by Annette as a Mother's Day gift for our eighty-six year old mother, Dorothy. She used classic impatiens and new guinea impatiens with the "jungle" plant. We aren't sure of the name. The spiller is vinca minor.

** 6 7 2017- I caught a major typo. It's the filler that I often skip, not the thriller.

Cottage Style plantings

Pentas, french thyme, creeping sedum

Vivid contrast like a black light poster

Celosia, purple petunias, creeping Jenny

Vivid and breaking the power of three rule

Frilly petunia and annual lantana

Succulents and my little gnome


In a month we should have white butterfly bush blooms as a backdrop for each pot behind the fencing.

Potted plants on the front porch.

White geraniums, pale yellow petunia and Gnome gomphrena

Three colors of gomphrena in second pot

Happy planting everyone!

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