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The Stone Spiral

There is a patch of yard in the back where grass won't grow. It gets intense sun in the summer and is very dry. It's hard to believe, but we are already dry in April. To overcome this unsightly area, we added an artistic feature and gave up on the grass. This project started as an abstract tree. We outlined an abstract tree shape in the ground and added cedar mulch in the barren center. This looked pretty good for the first couple of years as we had just enough grass surrounding the outline to highlight the tree shape. In Spring of 2017, we have officially lost the green outline. I've admired the spiral meditation paths that many people add to their garden design. Enter my husband, Ian with his evolved spatial skills (certainly compared to mine). I have the dream and he knows how to implement it. Though my intuitive skills did a good job of estimating the number of stones we needed for the spiral. We are still thinking about what to do regarding the tree outline. In the meantime, this is certainly an improvement . Ian started the spiral from the center point using the smallest stones first and graduated to the largest stones at the spiral's tail. We used fairly smooth stone and sank it an inch or so into the ground. No mortar was used. I purchased the spirit face at The Durham Farmer's Market a few years ago.

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