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Succulent Vignette

Winter decided to pay us a visit this week, so I'm not doing much in the yard. What can I share with you? My succulent grouping: add whimsy and elements of earth. I'm not the greatest with indoor plants, but I'm having fun with these. Mine receive western sun only. They are doing well even in this low light condition. I water them only when the soil is completely dry. Ever notice that things happen in clusters? This must be my month to have succulents in my life. I acquired three as gifts in the last two weeks. Keep Durham Beautiful was giving succulents away in miniature white pots at a volunteer appreciation party at Full Stream Brewery. My neighbors Line and Terri held their annual backyard oyster roast last Saturday. They sent us home with a very creative gift: an air plant in an oyster shell. Another neighbor is hosting a birthday event for her ten year old daughter at The Zen Succulent downtown. They will create their own terrariums. What a wonderful idea.

Best re-use idea in this grouping: the white stone chips in the blue pot. This used to be one small stone. It had a bad experience in my kitchen sink disposal. Ooops!

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